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Oh no, not more bags! 06/05/2009

Filed under: Food,Garden,Home education,Sewing — snoozerider @ 08:25

Yes, it’s another pic of a Morsbag.  My tally is up to 10 now!

Gman has been quite enthused by all the sewing and particularly the bags and decided we needed to all have a competition to design a morsbag.  He drew us all templates, complete with the label and we had a family “competition”.  Joint winners were…Gman and Waif!!!  Here’s their designs:

In the garden, we are finally rid (hopefully) of the ground elder from the second raised bed and will be sowing carrots and oriental leaves this week.  The runner beans are planted around their wigwam, the radishes are growing and my cotton seems to have done the trick in keeping the sparrows off my beetroot, cos the leaves are starting to grow back at last.  Hooray!


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