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Elections, Transition and Morsbagging 10/06/2009

Oh dearie me, I am a bit behind with my blog aren’t I?

I stood as a “paper candidate” in last week’s County Council elections for the Green Party.  I must admit, I wasn’t altogether convinced about doing this, having the view that the political process might be just be a bit too damn slow to change things for the better within a timeframe that is going to halt the worst effects of climate change.   I didn’t do any canvassing although did join with others of all political persuasions to deliver anti-BNP leaflets, designed by Unite Against Fascism.  I’m not sure if they did any good though, as the BNP polled 273 votes, against my 196 😦  Mind you, from a personal point of view, I was well pleased with 196 votes as I was terrified that I would only get 2 votes or something!

I have also been busy with stuff for Transition King’s Lynn – see the website for more details.  We are hoping to drum up a bit of support for our Grand Planting Out Day/Picnic on 5th July 2009 from 10am-2pm.  I am a bit worried that everything is a bit late for this year in terms of a superb display of plants, but think it will be good publicity and hopefully will raise a bit of awareness.

Thirdly, I have been continuing on my crusade to convert the world to Morsbags.  My tally is now up to 27.  I took these to the home education group on Monday and have managed to give away all but 3 of them.  Everyone was very sweet about how lovely they were and very grateful so that gave me a nice, warm, fuzzy feeling inside 🙂  And justified my purchase of more curtains at a weekend car boot sale…

Here’s a pic I took of a few of the bags before liberating them to their new homes:

On the home ed front, we have been enjoying a bit of arty stuff, painting some pebbles and making this rather lovely snake between us.  Isn’t he lovely?


Update 18/05/2009

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Oh dear, haven’t posted for a while have I?  I think it’s mainly because of living life getting in the way of writing about living life…

So what’s been happening?

GARDEN – The plots are both coming along nicely.  Radishes, beetroot and choy sum are all looking pretty good in the first raised bed.  Germination of the cumin wasn’t so great and the spring onions are looking a bit spindly, think it might be better to grow from sets next year.  Just got some pak choi and more radishes coming up in the second raised bed, and also some borlotti beans (having finally got rid of all the ground elder and deterred the cat who kept using the bed as a toilet, grrrr).  We also have runner beans growing nicely up their wigwam and courgettes nearly ready to put in the ground.  What else?  Erm, chili peppers in the greenhouse and some tomato plants donated by a colleague of M²’s.  Oh yeah, and potatoes growing in an old compost bag.  Phew!  It’s making me hungry just thinking about it 🙂

TRANSITION – Transition King’s Lynn is really starting to come together.  We have formed a Steering Group and nearly sorted out a constitution.  Boring stuff, but have to do it before we can raise any money.  Much more exciting is the fact that the bed in the Walks has been given the go ahead so I will be getting involved in nurturing a plot of edible and useful plants in a public place.  Inspiring stuff!

MORSBAGGING AND SEWING – Morsbags tally is now up to 16, and I have been pulling together a stash of suitable fabrics from a combo of car boot sales, the remnant section in the wonderful Fent Shop, and best yet, a load of fabric gained via Freecycle.  The best £2 spent was on these two pairs of curtains:

I have also been using scraps of leftover material to make these:

What do you mean, what’s the point?  The bottom right one was given to friends who are moving house…not sure what to do with the others but sure someone will appreciate them for some other occasion 😉

VOTE FOR ME! Last but not least, I am standing for County Councillor for the Green Party.   The local election agent assures me that I won’t get in (not sure whether to be insulted by that lol) but it at least gives people the option to vote Green, and hopefully I will get more votes than the BNP who are also contesting the seat, much to my disgust.

That’s about it for now I think!!