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Update 18/05/2009

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Oh dear, haven’t posted for a while have I?  I think it’s mainly because of living life getting in the way of writing about living life…

So what’s been happening?

GARDEN – The plots are both coming along nicely.  Radishes, beetroot and choy sum are all looking pretty good in the first raised bed.  Germination of the cumin wasn’t so great and the spring onions are looking a bit spindly, think it might be better to grow from sets next year.  Just got some pak choi and more radishes coming up in the second raised bed, and also some borlotti beans (having finally got rid of all the ground elder and deterred the cat who kept using the bed as a toilet, grrrr).  We also have runner beans growing nicely up their wigwam and courgettes nearly ready to put in the ground.  What else?  Erm, chili peppers in the greenhouse and some tomato plants donated by a colleague of M²’s.  Oh yeah, and potatoes growing in an old compost bag.  Phew!  It’s making me hungry just thinking about it 🙂

TRANSITION – Transition King’s Lynn is really starting to come together.  We have formed a Steering Group and nearly sorted out a constitution.  Boring stuff, but have to do it before we can raise any money.  Much more exciting is the fact that the bed in the Walks has been given the go ahead so I will be getting involved in nurturing a plot of edible and useful plants in a public place.  Inspiring stuff!

MORSBAGGING AND SEWING – Morsbags tally is now up to 16, and I have been pulling together a stash of suitable fabrics from a combo of car boot sales, the remnant section in the wonderful Fent Shop, and best yet, a load of fabric gained via Freecycle.  The best £2 spent was on these two pairs of curtains:

I have also been using scraps of leftover material to make these:

What do you mean, what’s the point?  The bottom right one was given to friends who are moving house…not sure what to do with the others but sure someone will appreciate them for some other occasion 😉

VOTE FOR ME! Last but not least, I am standing for County Councillor for the Green Party.   The local election agent assures me that I won’t get in (not sure whether to be insulted by that lol) but it at least gives people the option to vote Green, and hopefully I will get more votes than the BNP who are also contesting the seat, much to my disgust.

That’s about it for now I think!!


Oh no, not more bags! 06/05/2009

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Yes, it’s another pic of a Morsbag.  My tally is up to 10 now!

Gman has been quite enthused by all the sewing and particularly the bags and decided we needed to all have a competition to design a morsbag.  He drew us all templates, complete with the label and we had a family “competition”.  Joint winners were…Gman and Waif!!!  Here’s their designs:

In the garden, we are finally rid (hopefully) of the ground elder from the second raised bed and will be sowing carrots and oriental leaves this week.  The runner beans are planted around their wigwam, the radishes are growing and my cotton seems to have done the trick in keeping the sparrows off my beetroot, cos the leaves are starting to grow back at last.  Hooray!


Radish Harvest for us and Beetroot for the Sparrows 29/04/2009

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The highlight of the gardening week has to have been the harvesting of the radishes!  It’s pretty exciting to be eating produce straight out of the garden, and although I am not that keen on radishes, these definitely taste better than the ones from the shops :-).  As you can see from the photo, Gman was pretty pleased too.

Not quite so good is the fact that something’s been nibbling the leaves from my beetroot.  How dare they?!?  I have consulted my Joy Larkcom book and the only listed pest for beetroot is sparrows who apparently rather like beetroot seedlings.  Have constructed a bit of a web from cotton thread this afternoon to dry and discourage them from eating any more, so fingers crossed the beetroot will recover (and the thread won’t unravel despite my woeful knotting skills!)

Sewing Stuff…

I have made a few more morsbags (of course)

A big bag and a little bag ;-)

A big bag and a little bag 😉

In a bizarre twist, I have also found myself showing other people how to sew!  We did basic sewing skills at this week’s home education group and several of the kids made beanbags, which I had prepped for them.  I did feel quite a glow from this.  I am finding with the home education adventure that I am more open minded about learning new things and then in turn more enthusiastic about sharing these with other people.  I am fairly certain that if, six months ago, I had suggested to Gman that he might like to sew a beanbag he would have been unenthusiastic at best but because he sees me learning and enjoying learning, it rubs off on him.  At least that’s how I think it is working:-)

On the subject of home education, we had a fabulous outing this week to the Ecotech Centre in Swaffham.  Gman took a tour of the turbine and was wowed with the views and exhilerated by climbing 305 steps, while Waif and I had a tour of the organic gardens and orchards.  We then came together again for the children to do a recycling game.  There were quite a few home edders from the surrounding area and we met some lovely people and had a really excellent day.


See How My Garden Grows!! 20/04/2009

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There’s plenty of life on the plot, thanks to the lovely weather this last week.  I even pulled up one radish to see if it was ready, in my enthusiasm.  It tasted great but was about 1/2 cm across so think might have to be a bit more patient really 🙂


Fear not though, I have been making more morsbags – this week I made a mini-Morsbag for the boys to keep their beanbags in AND Gman even sewed his own beanbag, which he was quite rightly very proud of!


Here's me enjoying my sewing machine!


More Morsbags 16/04/2009

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I’ve made another one!  This time, all in one sitting 😉


Morsbags 13/04/2009

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I have made my first two morsbags! The one on the right is the first one I made, hence the fact that it’s a couple of inches shorter, due to me making a mess of the French seams (I am new to this!).  The second one didn’t take so long but is nasty pink polyester that kept slipping around everywhere.  Been rummaging at the car boot sales for fabric, got some very, erm, “decorative” curtains to make the next few out of…so watch this space.

In the garden, the radishes are loving it and the beetroot are looking a bit sturdier.  We even have a bit of action from the spring onions.  Unfortunately, M2 has been forced to spend a great deal of time digging elder out of the second raised bed, before we can get sowing carrots.  It seems that the small amount of turf we turned into the bottom of the bed was infested with the damned stuff.  Aarrrgh.

Transition King’s Lynn is getting moving too.  Held the first Steering Group meeting last week and feel that we are finally getting somewhere.  So expect to hear more about that in the months to come…


Cress and Sprouts 06/04/2009

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This week, we have enjoyed a harvest of home grown stuff 🙂   Firstly, there was the cress grown in an eggshell, with face expertly drawn by Waif:

cresseggheadSecondly, I have finally gotten round to using the slightly bizarre “Biosnacky” contraption for growing your own beansprouts.  You soak the seeds ( I selected the Spicy Aromatic Mix) overnight then rinse and drain them a couple of times a day for a few days, whereupon they grow into these:

round-sproutsAnd they actually taste pretty good in a sort of radishy burpy kind of way :-).  I am trying alfalfa sprouts next.

On the sewing front, I spent a busy evening sewing a stuffed fabric Easter egg.  I will not be posting a picture!!  But here’s where I got the idea:  It took me about three hours, mainly because I got halfway through and ran out of bobbin thread, and then for the life of me couldn’t work out how to rethread the damned thing (it was late!)  Anyhow, I finished it in the end and was most proud, because it’s the first thing I’ve ever sewn all on my own without any help 🙂  But I will be making a Morsbag next…or maybe some beanbags for the boys…or just something not as small and fiddly and curvy as an egg anyway…