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Radish Harvest for us and Beetroot for the Sparrows 29/04/2009

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The highlight of the gardening week has to have been the harvesting of the radishes!  It’s pretty exciting to be eating produce straight out of the garden, and although I am not that keen on radishes, these definitely taste better than the ones from the shops :-).  As you can see from the photo, Gman was pretty pleased too.

Not quite so good is the fact that something’s been nibbling the leaves from my beetroot.  How dare they?!?  I have consulted my Joy Larkcom book and the only listed pest for beetroot is sparrows who apparently rather like beetroot seedlings.  Have constructed a bit of a web from cotton thread this afternoon to dry and discourage them from eating any more, so fingers crossed the beetroot will recover (and the thread won’t unravel despite my woeful knotting skills!)

Sewing Stuff…

I have made a few more morsbags (of course)

A big bag and a little bag ;-)

A big bag and a little bag 😉

In a bizarre twist, I have also found myself showing other people how to sew!  We did basic sewing skills at this week’s home education group and several of the kids made beanbags, which I had prepped for them.  I did feel quite a glow from this.  I am finding with the home education adventure that I am more open minded about learning new things and then in turn more enthusiastic about sharing these with other people.  I am fairly certain that if, six months ago, I had suggested to Gman that he might like to sew a beanbag he would have been unenthusiastic at best but because he sees me learning and enjoying learning, it rubs off on him.  At least that’s how I think it is working:-)

On the subject of home education, we had a fabulous outing this week to the Ecotech Centre in Swaffham.  Gman took a tour of the turbine and was wowed with the views and exhilerated by climbing 305 steps, while Waif and I had a tour of the organic gardens and orchards.  We then came together again for the children to do a recycling game.  There were quite a few home edders from the surrounding area and we met some lovely people and had a really excellent day.


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