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Morsbags 13/04/2009

Filed under: Garden,Sewing,Transition — snoozerider @ 20:51

I have made my first two morsbags! The one on the right is the first one I made, hence the fact that it’s a couple of inches shorter, due to me making a mess of the French seams (I am new to this!).  The second one didn’t take so long but is nasty pink polyester that kept slipping around everywhere.  Been rummaging at the car boot sales for fabric, got some very, erm, “decorative” curtains to make the next few out of…so watch this space.

In the garden, the radishes are loving it and the beetroot are looking a bit sturdier.  We even have a bit of action from the spring onions.  Unfortunately, M2 has been forced to spend a great deal of time digging elder out of the second raised bed, before we can get sowing carrots.  It seems that the small amount of turf we turned into the bottom of the bed was infested with the damned stuff.  Aarrrgh.

Transition King’s Lynn is getting moving too.  Held the first Steering Group meeting last week and feel that we are finally getting somewhere.  So expect to hear more about that in the months to come…


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