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Cress and Sprouts 06/04/2009

Filed under: Food,Home education,Sewing — snoozerider @ 20:34

This week, we have enjoyed a harvest of home grown stuff 🙂   Firstly, there was the cress grown in an eggshell, with face expertly drawn by Waif:

cresseggheadSecondly, I have finally gotten round to using the slightly bizarre “Biosnacky” contraption for growing your own beansprouts.  You soak the seeds ( I selected the Spicy Aromatic Mix) overnight then rinse and drain them a couple of times a day for a few days, whereupon they grow into these:

round-sproutsAnd they actually taste pretty good in a sort of radishy burpy kind of way :-).  I am trying alfalfa sprouts next.

On the sewing front, I spent a busy evening sewing a stuffed fabric Easter egg.  I will not be posting a picture!!  But here’s where I got the idea:  It took me about three hours, mainly because I got halfway through and ran out of bobbin thread, and then for the life of me couldn’t work out how to rethread the damned thing (it was late!)  Anyhow, I finished it in the end and was most proud, because it’s the first thing I’ve ever sewn all on my own without any help 🙂  But I will be making a Morsbag next…or maybe some beanbags for the boys…or just something not as small and fiddly and curvy as an egg anyway…


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