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An Inconvenient Truth 06/04/2009

Filed under: Environment,Home education — snoozerider @ 20:32

Watched this film for the first time at the weekend, as it was on the telly.  Here’s a trailer for it:

I thought it was very good at getting across the message that climate change is real and is already happening, with some great graphs and photography.  I was disappointed with how short it seemed to be on solutions, other than the insulate your house, drive more efficient cars type of thing.   I am considering letting Gman watch it as part of his Climate Change project but will have to carefully gauge his reaction, to make sure it’s not too scary for him.  Although to be honest, after watching an animation of the Earth roll downhill into a mass of flames (Wake Up, Freak Out, Then Get a Grip) it might be quite tame for him 😛


One Response to “An Inconvenient Truth”

  1. John Cossham Says:

    Try to get to see The Age of Stupid… knocks spots off Inconvenient Truth!

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