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From sowing to sewing and back again 01/04/2009

Filed under: Garden,Sewing — snoozerider @ 19:36

Look what I made! (with a little help from my friend Tracey…well, a lot of help ;-)).  In case you weren’t sure, it’s a draught excluder, made with scrap pieces of fabric and filled with cat litter.  It weighs a ton so no draught will dare make its way past my door next winter!


Inspired by the success of my sewing lessons, I have bought myself an electric sewing machine.  I suppose ideally I would have got a manual one, but these seem to be a bit trendy and “vintage” (read: expensive) so I am hoping the reduced waste of stuff brought about by my being able to make stuff out of the stuff I don’t need (are you following?) will cancel out the carbon footprint of using it!!  Especially as my next project is going to be making some morsbags.  You make these cloth bags out of old fabric and give them away to folk to stop them using plastic ones – sociable guerilla bagging.  Marvellous.

In other news…the beetroot seeds have finally germinated.  Hoorah! And we have done more sowing – we now have tomatoes, chillis, spring onions, cumin and oregano.  What a potential feast!


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