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Freecycling, recycling and a bit of scavenging too 17/03/2009

Filed under: Community,Environment,Lifestyle — snoozerider @ 17:08

In a bid to clear my life of clutter, I embarked on a bit of freecycling this week.   I had an old rebounder in the shed which was taking up far too much room.  It’s not bouncy enough to be fun for the kids to jump on and I couldn’t ever be bothered to drag it out the shed for an exercise session, so it was just collecting dust, and one more thing to bump into when I try and get my bike out.  I put up an advert for it on freecycle at 11am and by 3pm a lady had been round and picked it up and seemed really thrilled with it.

Buoyed by this success, I thought “why not get rid of the old electric lawnmower?”  Having put this up on freecycle, I was bombarded with responses.  Then I had a dilemma – who do I give it to?!?  Should it be the first to reply, the one who sounds the worthiest, the politest email, the email with the best grammar?  Who am I to decide who is most deserving of the lawnmower?!  In the end, I went with someone who had written a nice email, who could pick it up the next day and who had left a contact number.  Oh, and was a DJ as well.  Got to give priority to the music lovers 🙂

On the recycling theme, took a trip to the tip on Sunday with three bagfuls of clothes, as well as bottles and tetrapaks.  Took me a while to find the textiles section at the perplexingly organised new tip but I found it eventually and it was kind of like a big metal shed, rather than a bank.  I duly deposited the bags there but then happened to notice that there was a brand new, unused, perfectly nice rag rug sitting on the top.  “I’ll have that!” I thought, and it looks rather smashing in the dining room, slowing down the spin of the computer chair.  Not sure if it is green to be coming home with stuff from the recycling centre?!  But hey, it’s being put to good use…


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