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Back to the plot! 15/03/2009

Filed under: Garden — snoozerider @ 21:22

It’s been a busy week in the garden.  We have managed to:

1.  Get the beds  filled with  soil/compost and all nicely raked and even ready for some seeds.  Mind you, they didn’t stay even for long – by the next morning, the birds had been having a lovely bath in there and thrown soil all over the paths.


2. Pull out the old plastic greenhouse and give it a bit of a scrub up.  OK, so the zip is broken and the shelves are a bit warped and some of the plastic has holes in but it will do for now!  It should provide at least some shelter for something (not sure what).  Last year it was mainly used by the postie to leave Amazon parcels somewhere safe if we were out; this year will hopefully be used for something a bit more useful.


3. Buy some seeds.  Took Gman and Waif to the garden centre and came away with a selection of seeds.  We had already got beetroot and courgette and salad leaves.  We now also have carrot (Waif’s fave), spring onions, radishes, garlic chives and cumin.  Also got some Anya seed potatoes to grow in the dustbin.

4.  Finally, sow some seeds!  Yippee.  Gman helped to sow two rows of radishes and one of beetroot.  Was a bit worried that the rows might be too close together, but we’ll have to just wait and see.  We certainly don’t want massive beetroot in any case and I figured that as there would be no need to walk between the rows in the raised bed they could be a bit closer together.  Fingers crossed they will germinate and hopefully the old clothes airer over the top will stop the bloomin birds from having a go at them.




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