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Fairy Hammocks and stuff 10/03/2009

Filed under: Lifestyle — snoozerider @ 10:08

OK, a warning to any squeamish (male) readers, look away now, I’m going to be talking women’s stuff 😉

Having decided that my tampax compaks were not all that environmentally friendly to say the least, I finally bit the bullet and bought some washable menstrual pads.  It took me a while to get to this point, having a few of the doubts mentioned in this article, but here I am!  I ordered a selection from a site called Feminine Wear, my favourite being the wonderfully named Fairy Hammocks.

So now I am “enjoying” my period and have got chance to try them out and actually they’re great!  They’re soft, they don’t bunch up in your knickers, they’re fun colours, one is made from hemp, which makes me feel a bit rebellious lol, and it’s really not all that yikesy to wash them, honest.  I have got a big kilner jar, which I filled with cold water and popped into a plimsoll bag (v discreet).  Then when time came to wash them, I just took them out of the jar, popped them in the washing machine with my other stuff on a normal 40 degree wash cycle,and er, watered the miniature rose with the water.  It’s got to be good for the plants hasn’t it?  Mind you, wouldn’t be so keen to water the salad leaves with it!

Anyhoo, here’s a pic so you can see how fab they are.

And hey, when my sewing skills improve beyond hemming a bit of fabric to make square cloth napkins for the boys, maybe I’ll even make my own.


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