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Where I’m at 20/02/2009

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I’ve spent a lot of years reading books about environment, ethics etc and now I feel that I want to do more, to live my life more in line with my ideals. I’ve got to a stage in my life where I don’t care so much about being odd/eccentric/non-conformist/insert more insulting word here.

So, here’s where I’m at on a personal level:

  • Stopped eating meat and drastically reduced dairy consumption too
  • Stopped relying on plastic bags, using a mixture of lovely jute bags and my shopping trolley (pic to follow)
  • Taken children out of school to home educate them
  • Making conscious effort to reduce use of gas and electricity in the home
  • Started collecting veg peelings etc for composting
  • Reduced amount of money spent at supermarkets, choosing to buy from local shops, markets and Suma cooperative
  • Learning to sew, after deciding that it was quite shameful that I couldn’t do even the most basic sewing tasks
  • Using bike or bus where possible to get around
  • Trying to use less disposable stuff, looking for reusable alternatives

I have also realised that being more green and “ethical” in my own little world is not enough and so am joining together with others to try and get a transition town initiative rolling in the town I live in. I am attracted to the transition movememt above any other, because of the positive action and optimistic message. I am pretty excited about it 🙂

So that’s where I’m at at the moment. The next challenge is growing some of our own veg this year. M² is very kindly building two raised beds in the garden for this, making the frames out of our old gates, which were blown down in the wind last year. He is a bit worried about them being “pikey” but have reassured him it’s not pikey, it’s “permie”.

Keeping reading the blog for how the vegetable plot goes, hopefully with lots of lovely pics of gorgeous juicy organic vegetables later in the year 🙂


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